Taking Care Of Your Central Texas Bermuda Grass.

San Antonio is a beautiful city with a TON of great qualities. If you’re a San Antonio home owner you probably have realized by now that keeping your Bermuda grass alive, healthy and beautiful is not necessarily the EASIEST task. However, there’s good news! It’s not impossible!

Bermuda is just a bit more moody than other grass species but it has one incredible quality that is important for our region. It’s very drought tolerant and can withstand the brutal beating it receives from the sun during our lovely summers here in central Texas. This is why it’s the primary grass that is installed on new-build properties where there are no mature trees and much less shade. 

With a bit of TLC your Bermuda Grass can stay alive and healthy. With some extra attention it can stay beautiful all summer long.

So what do we need to know about Bermuda? 

Like most green life, it enjoys some shade and a good amount of water. The less shade it receives the more water you may need to provide to keep the lawn thriving. 

The healthier you can keep your grass, the more dense it will be. If your grass is more dense it will present much more competition for weeds therefore minimizing the amount of chemicals that need to be applied to control the germination and development of broadleaf and grassy weeds in your yard. 

Step 1. Provide a minimum of 1 day of watering per week. It’s better to saturate the grass heavily once than to water lightly two or three times. 

Step 2. Fertilize your grass with a nitrogen based fertilizer 3-4 times yearly.

Step 3. Apply pre-emergent herbicides to create a barrier for weed seeds. This will help greatly minimize the amount of post-emergent application of herbicides and hand pulling that will need to be performed to control weeds that have developed. 

Step 4. Hand pull if possible and utilize post-emergent herbicides as a last resort to control newly developed weeds. 

And just like that! You’ll maintain a much more attractive lawn for your San Antonio lawn. 

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