Whether you manage commercial offices, industrial space, multi-family properties or an HOA… we’d love to work next to you in the upkeep of your landscaping and other assets.


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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance is not just a job, it’s an art. At Gorilla, we understand that mowing alone cannot maintain a property. Turf upkeep requires a consistent watering program along with proper weed & feed application rates to keep your grass healthy, happy and beautiful. Let Gorilla Lawn bring our scientific and artistic approach to your assets. 

Arbor Care

People who understand real estate know that big trees equal big money. Allow Gorilla to maintain the aesthetics and health of your trees and structures and eliminate potential hazards. We can do it all:

• Structural Pruning  • Thinning  • Dead wood removal  • Sucker removal  • Ball moss removal  • Clearance Pruning  • Full Tree Removal  • Stump Grinding  • Fire Mitigation  • Pest Elimination


Commercial Painting

When Your property needs that new face lift, allow us to tap into our inner Picasso and take care of the painting that your maintenance team might not be able to tackle with equipment on-hand. We can Color Match or offer custom options. The possibilities are endless. 

Pressure & Soft Wash Service

We can offer the pressure you need for rigid services like concrete or a less abrasive method for softer paneling, roofs, and retaining walls to avoid the possible damage that high pressure water streams can cause. We’ll lift the mold and wash it away with your worries to get your property lookin brilliantly new. 

Pest Management

Gorilla offers pest solutions for control of infestations and monthly preventative applications to help control the insect problem before it ever begins. 

Landscape Install & Renovation

Gorilla offers both new design & installation and redesign of existing landscapes. Either way we have the eye to improve the curb appeal of any property and we do it without cutting any corners.